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Description:Two way radio walkie talkie - Style Professional Walkie Talkie
Walkie talkie pair in a professional style with multiple functions and features. Not only can this wholesale walkie talkie set communicate with each other, but with 8-80 different channels to choose from, a 8 kilometer range, and a selectable squelch mode for extended range make this a multi-purpose communication device useful all over the world. 5 selectable ring tones, low battery warning, and a tone that sounds every time a person transmits to you depresses the talk button for letting you know when to talk. Perfect for many varied uses, super low pricing.

. Channels: 8 -80
. Frequency: UHF FM
. Output: 1 W
. Range: 8 Kilometers
. PTT (Push To Talk) Function
. Electronic Volume Selection
. Scan / Call / Monitor (Squelch)/ Page (Call) Function
. Fixed Antenna
. Power Source: 3 x AA Batteries
. Dimension: 160x57x35mm (LxWxD)
. Attached Belt Clip

Want to keep in touch with roaming children when they scamper off in the supermarket or shopping centre? Maybe you want to stay connected to a friend during an outdoor activity or expedition into the wilderness.
With a generous 3km range (MAX 5km open field) you can wander safely off around most venues, safe in the knowledge that your buddy is just a radio walkie talkie call away. The sound quality is good and auto channel scan is a fast way to find an open channel and chat.
Your 2-way walkie talkies come in a handy pack of two, ideal for you and your best mate, and are the perfect portable size for outdoor adventures. There's even a convenient belt clip to attach your 2-way radio walkie talkie when not in use and a cool LCD backlit display. Order your radio walkie talkie set now and stay in contact with friends and family up to 3km away! Costly mobile phones? Pah! Who needs them.

Package Includes:
4x Walkie Talkie (6*AA Batteries Not Included)
2x User's Manual

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