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Commercial building wireless talkback blind solution

Edit£º   Read£º979  Date£º2017-3-13
In the conventional ultrashort wave wireless communications, often face the problem of short distance communication handheld radios. Because the handset by the volume, the weight and the power consumption and so on each kind of control, may not be able to enhance the power and use the high gain antenna greatly to enlarge the communication scope. The solution to this problem is to use the repeater to extend the communication distance of the handset. The ultrashort wave belongs to line of sight, as long as the forwarding table is positioned above, using high gain antennas and increasing transmit power, can effectively extend the communication distance between the handheld machine. The receiving station receives the information at a certain frequency, and receives the information received at the other specified frequency, and then the transmitting information is transmitted to the top of the building, the tower or the top of the tower.
There is often a blind spot in the radio coverage area of the relay station, mainly due to the fact that the barrier causes a large attenuation of the electric wave in a certain range. For example, in a city, because of the blocking of a building, the signal of the signal near the building is very large, and the electric wave signal near the building, especially in the direction of wave propagation is very weak. But away from the building, due to radio wave diffraction enhanced radio signals and increase communication and intercom. Another example is in a building, basement, garage signal is very weak, the phone can not communicate, but the building can still meet the handheld communications. The so-called blind area, even in the effective communication range, due to various reasons, there are some places can not communicate. To solve these problems, the handset communication can be solved by using the direct current machine and the power allocation method.
Using direct current machine
Frequency selective amplifier repeater is not directly amplifying the signal, it is a two-way uplink and downlink frequency selective amplifier, amplifier amplifier, the uplink amplifier amplifies the signal emitted by mobile phone, amplified by the uplink antenna, sent to the forwarding table, a downlink amplifier signal by amplifying the turntable, the downlink antenna is sent to the handset. Input amplifier uplink the signal frequency selective filter output only allows handset launched by. Frequency selective filter amplifier can only work for the downlink frequency signal transmitted through the repeater station. The repeater is very effective in solving the blind area communication in radio communication.
Power allocation method
Power distribution method is mainly applicable to the building of the floor and the basement, or underground shopping malls, underground multi-storey car parks and other places of the handheld communication, especially the building security, underground parking garage security of the handheld communication. Power allocation is to allocate the power of a transmitter to a few space to solve the problem of communication between the user and the user. Example: for a 30 story building, there are two floors underground. How to solve the problem of how to communicate with the call center and the security guard in the different layers and basement of the building. In order to solve the problem of building security handset communication, power allocation method is needed. If the signal power of the distributor is not enough, the power amplifier can be added, then the signal is amplified and transmitted.
To solve the blind basic communication is the two methods in undertake such communication engineering, measurement and engineering of signal strength calculation to determine the main table where to place the position, power distribution of each layer and whether the repeater, how to install a series of problems of the repeater, and then select the equipment installation and commissioning. In a word, it is usually used to solve this kind of blind area communication. It is important to combine with the practical application of the concrete project, of course, to choose the regular and experienced company.
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