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Wireless communication coverage system for shopping mall

Edit£º   Read£º1659  Date£º2017-3-13
A large building area of 300 thousand square meters, the business center manager must deal with the accident situation very alert observant and alert, may occur at any time: if the children lost, toilet or blocking vehicles caused by traffic congestion. He must control, rapid disposal personnel to the scene to deal with emergencies, until the event resolved.
Flexible communication mode
The area of ASE center square large function area dividing more, there are a number of emergency entrance. Flexible communication mode is an important element to ensure the safe operation of shopping malls, shopping malls in local area when emergencies occur, can use the intercom selected calling function of local transfer, avoid the mall staff unnecessary panic, to ensure the normal operation of shopping malls.
Closed space can also become open
Large garage Center three floor underground, from the ground to the rotating Lane underground garage, like a coiled snake. The garage is divided into several regions, each of which has some enclosed rooms. We provide digital wireless intercom system, using the principle of layout layer dislocation, overcome interference of the narrow channel and closed space of electromagnetic wave and attenuation, ensure the garage management personnel can clear voice communication.
In the quiet, high quality voice
ASE center two storey underground seven floors above, restaurant, entertainment, clothing shops dotted. For so many of the space partition, we follow the "small power distribution, the principle of multi antenna", space field coverage area of more than one set of wireless communication has formed, avoid blind spots. Ensure that security personnel can communicate at any time, maintain order.
Late maintenance low input
We provide wireless intercom system, without any fault in ASE during the operation, but will not affect the other integrated system. The system of active equipment centralized place, passive devices and cables are labeled with our own brand logo, easy to distinguish, construction technology perfect the whole system required less maintenance personnel, small maintenance workload and maintenance of low strength, low maintenance cost.
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