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New initiatives for the people in the mobile push Easy WLAN mobile client

Edit£º   Read£º1082  Date£º2017-3-13
Yesterday morning, Zhang received a text message: "brother, my friends of the Internet in the near Starbucks, there is a good Dongdong to introduce to you, try to use remember to invite me to dinner. Quickly download the mobile EasyWLAN client. You have a global package that can be used free of charge until the end of the year." There is also a post, free client download: mobile phone click on or Internet search 'EasyWLAN'." What kind of business is it? With a curious heart, Zhang Internet access to the relevant content.
Relevant information from China Mobile, the China Mobile business is starting from the actual needs of customers, according to a new measure of service for the people to excel activities launched. Easy WLAN is a China Mobile mobile phone client for the convenience of users to find and connect CMCC and WLAN fast customized software, CMCC provides hot reminder, fast authentication services, and intelligent detection of CMCC hot spots, when Internet traffic, to remind the user or automatic landing CMCC WLAN, the project is China Mobile in Guangdong pilot research and development.
After testing experience, Zhang found that this business has several characteristics. One is to remind the hot spot. When the smart phone scanning found hot spots, through the white or gray group with the e line WLAN logo, immediately alert the customer to have a WLAN signal coverage; after landing successfully, displayed as orange group with e line WLAN logo. The two is when the mobile phone Internet behavior, mobile phone WLAN client function will automatically open, customers can choose whether to connect CMCC, link mode supports automatic connection, prompt connection and manual connection etc.; 15 minutes will be closed automatically without the use of WLAN. Three WLAN hardware is often too much power to open the problem, the client through the intelligent algorithm to reduce power consumption, power consumption to achieve WLAN scan increment does not exceed the total battery of 5%. Four is the first configuration is completed, the client can save the user name and password, shorten the certification process, to achieve rapid login.
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