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Guangzhou Hangyue communication solutions hotel indoor wireless intercom communication coverage

Edit£º   Read£º950  Date£º2017-3-13
Market challenges
Wireless intercom communication convenient is the basic guarantee of daily business hotel service and management personnel to successfully carry out the telephone communication system of the hotel can guarantee the basic level of voice communication. However, with the continuous development of the hotel industry, customer service requirements for the hotel is getting higher and higher, the need to respond quickly to customer needs, coordinate the corresponding resources. Therefore, most of the hotels around the use of walkie talkie equipment, but the hotel's walkie talkie and the hotel is too large, the walkie talkie can not meet the user requirements, such as: communication effect is not good, there is a blind spot in individual places. Communication interference, resulting in speech is not clear.
With the continuous development of the hotel industry, hotel management of hotel internal communication has put forward new demands, requiring no blind spots, no interference, clear voice, Welcome Hotel, front desk, guest rooms, catering, security, logistics can at any time any place in the hotel any time for communication. Improve the efficiency of hotel employees. Improve customer satisfaction with the hotel to create a relaxed and comfortable environment for the guests. This is a new requirement for the professional communication equipment in the hotel industry.
According to the application needs of hotel actual communication, EEDI developed within the hotel wireless coverage solutions. The following principles: the construction scheme of
(1) advanced principle: system from the overall allocation of resources (including hardware equipment, technology) to use function must have a leading level. 

(2) the principle of reliability: reliability of various resources system including hardware equipment to have high standards and a stable operation, easy maintenance; in the case of a hardware failure, there must be a reliable means of standby.
(3) technology principle: system should adopt advanced and mature technology, can be completed and put into practical use, achieve the design effect.
(4) extension principle: the overall architecture design capacity of system is reasonable, moderate, and have scalability, can increase the expansion of resources in order to protect the original investment, including increased coverage and communication distance. This scheme adopts signal relay system and coaxial cable wireless coverage technology, each floor of the hotel within the coverage, establish one or more channels according to the actual needs of the hotel, and can realize the seamless coverage of packet voice independent call function, fully meet the needs of the hotel employees "no blind, no interference, clear voice." the work needs.
(1) the wireless signal is extended to the underground parking lot intercom signal without blind spots hotel wireless communication system, boiler room, fire channel wireless signal coverage is not easy to place, ensure the ground and underground, the front desk to the floor, security patrol speech communication. Ensure smooth and effective communication within the hotel.
(2) equipment can be concise, expansion and upgrading of the system can be expansion, or reduced, will not allow other users and system affected.
(3) unattended, simple structure the system can realize the automatic unattended: staff can make a call in the coverage area, without staff on duty, without a direct, intercom.
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