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The high-rise building common frequencybroadcasting wireless intercom communication coverage solution

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Overview of the same frequency and simulcast networking scheme for underground parking
As a commonly used communication tool, walkie talkie has been widely used in the field of property management, security protection, etc.. However, it is difficult for the relay station to cover all floors and underground parking spaces, and there will be some communication gaps in some floors or underground parking lots. In addition to its own environmental factors, but also because it is difficult to receive the GPS satellite synchronization signal, making the same frequency with the network of trunking communication network is more difficult, the cost is also increased accordingly. In this way, we can use CQ-2188 and CQ-2188S server network clock synchronization protocol to achieve the same frequency in the lan.
Scheme design and principle
1, the ground is configured with a CQ-2188 broadcast controller, a synchronization server, a relay station.
2, the underground parking lot at least one layer with a CQ-2188 broadcast controller, a relay station.
3, on the ground or underground parking lot either relay receives hand signals, connected with the CQ-2188 signal transmitted through the network to the other floors on the CQ-2188, and by the CQ-2188 synchronous emission control relay station.
4, all CQ-2188 synchronization work is responsible for the completion of the CQ-2188S server. The CQ-2188S server sends the synchronous instruction according to the network clock synchronization protocol, the CQ-2188 receives and processes the synchronous instruction and adjusts the device working clock, so that the synchronization of the whole simulcast system is consistent.
Testing and conclusions
The scheme of the same frequency simulcast network expands the coverage of the communication network, eliminates the coverage blind area, and effectively eliminates the interference problem of the overlap area of the relay coverage. After testing, the network clock synchronization effect is close to the level of GPS synchronization technology. As a result, the same frequency network mode is more simple and flexible, and the cost is lower.
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